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Satellite Radio Acronyms

Sirius  vs  XM Radio
Satellite Radio Acronyms

Here is a list of Acronyms you may run into while learning about Satellite Radio.

Acronym Description
AC Adult Contemporary - A radio format that features light Rock and Pop cuts.
AC Alternating Current
AFTRA American Federation of Television and Radio Artists - The union that represents performers, announcers, broadcasters and recording artists.
BSS Broadcasting Satellite Service - A radio communications service in which signals transmitted or retransmitted by satellites are typically used to refer to a range of frequencies intended for direct reception by the general public.
CHR A radio format - Contemporary Hit Radio (formerly Top 40).
DBS Direct Broadcast Satellite. A general term that is commonly used to describe satellites and satellite systems that broadcast information directly to individual end-users.
DTH Direct To Home - The process of delivering satellite signals directly to individual households or receiving satellite signals directly in the home via an individual reception system (dish).
DVB Digital Versatile Broadcasting - A set of standards which define MPEG2 terrestrial and satellite digital broadcasting.
EIRP Effective Isotropic Radiated Power. A measure of the signal strength that a satellite transmits towards the earth or an earth station towards a satellite, expressed in dBW.
EPG Electronic Program Guide. A graphical user interface generated by a digital satellite receiver and displayed on the user's television screen. It provides information on the timing and content of television programs, which is conveyed in the digital signals received from the satellite. Its primary purpose is to help the user to rapidly identify and select programs of interest, but it may also support other interactive services.
FCC Federal Communications Commission - The Federal agency responsible for overseeing all radio, telephone and television originated signals. It issues licenses, rules and regulations.
FM Frequency Modulation, a method by which the basic band signal modulates the frequency of the carrier wave.
FSS Fixed Satellite Service - A radiocommunication service between earth stations at given fixed positions via one or more satellites.
GPS Global Positioning System - Satellite technology that uses mathematics to calculate the position in three dimensions (latitude, longitude, and altitude) of something on the earth by measuring the time it takes for the satellite's radio transmissions, traveling at the speed of light, to reach the a receiver on the ground. It requires a fleet of satellites in space and is used for determining a position on the earth, measuring the earth's movement after an earthquake or locating drop points for airlifted relief supplies.
HPA High Power Amplifier. A device that accepts a relatively weak input signal and boosts it to a power level that is suitable for transmission over an earth-space link.
ID Where the amplitude of a carrier wave is varied in accordance with some characteristic of the modulating signal.
IRD Integrated Receiver Decode - Used to describe satellite receiver boxes with an integrated decoder suitable for the reception of Pay-TV programs.
MCPC Multiple Channel Per Carrier. Refers to the multiplexing a number of digital channels (video programs, audio programs and data services) into a common digital bit stream, which is then used to modulate a single carrier that conveys all of the services to the end user. The single carrier supports multiple communication channels, hence the phase "multiple channel per carrier". The term MCPC is frequency used in the context of DVB systems, where the composite digital signal is referred to as a Transport Stream.
NAB National Association of Broadcasters - A trade group for radio and television license holders.
PJ Pod Jockey - This is slang for a podcaster, usually one who hosts a podcast containing music.
PSA Public Service Announcement
RDS Radio Data System - This technology allows stations to transmit additional types of information via encoded digital signals that can be received and displayed by your radio. For example, a RDS-capable radio can display the title and artist or current song playing, your local traffic information or an advertiser's phone number while a commercial is playing.
SCPC Single Channel Per Carrier. In SCPC systems, each communication signal is individually modulated onto its own carrier which is used to convey that signal to the end user. A number of similar carriers share a common satellite transponder and use a unique portion of its bandwidth. Each carrier supports a single communication channel only (e.g. one-half of a voice circuit), hence the phrase "single channel per carrier".


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